Przygotowania na premierę – Vivaldi Snapshot 1745.9

Niedługo ostatnia wersja Vivaldi w 2019 roku, dlatego ten snapshot skupia się na naprawie błędów.

Znane problemy

  • Znaki mogą zniknąć podczas szybkiego wpisywania w polu adresu po otwarciu nowego Szybkiego Wybierania
  • Martwe ptaki czasami pojawiają się przy zamykaniu

Pobierz (1745.9)


  • [Address Bar] URL is not focused when “Settings → Tabs → New Tab page → Specific Page” is set VB-59976
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Should support drag-and-drop editing VB-60069
  • [Audio] It is impossible to unmute an inactive tab playing a video (music on YouTube) VB-51450
  • [Dev Tools] Audit is broken VB-47497
  • [Extensions] Revive the old toggle functionality in the new extension visibility VB-60576
  • [Extensions] Horizontal extension-popup instead of vertical extension-popup VB-60392
  • [History][Regression][Mac] Popup buttons move to left after hitting Delete VB-60549
  • [Linux] Proprietary media and Widevine are not installed for users with a poor internet connection VB-60547
  • [Notes][Themes] “Go to address” button has incorrect colors in dark theme VB-60605
  • [Quick Commands] History search can be very slow VB-60573
  • [Regression] Access key shortcuts list does not show up VB-60207
  • [Regression] Does not exit fullscreen for video/plugins when closing or switching tabs VB-60435
  • [Regression] Popup window doesn’t close by window.close VB-59999
  • [Regression] White background flash before rendering Speed Dial VB-59795
  • [Speed Dial][Sync][Regression] Loss of user defined thumbnails VB-60519
  • [Speed Dial] The border of the highlighted thumbnail is cut off when using rounded corners VB-60581
  • [Sync][Settings] Sync button does not go to the sync section if settings is closed VB-59431
  • Long file names make save dialog unreadable VB-60439
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.61