Sprawniejsza obsługa interfejsu klawiaturą – Vivaldi Snapshot 1784.3

Klawiszem F6 ( oraz Shift + F6) można teraz przełączać się między stroną internetową, paskiem zakładek, paskiem kart i paskiem adresu. Odtąd inne klawisze, takie jak Tab, Strzałki, Enter i Esc, umożliwiają uaktywnianie i manipulowanie innymi podelementami.

Pobierz (1784.3)

Lista zmian

  • [Address Bar] Cannot resolve some keywords correctly (VB-61173)
  • [Address Bar] Pasting very long URL into address field crashes UI (VB-59692)
  • [Address Bar] Progress bar goes from right-to left when adding content to existing page (VB-21910)
  • [Address Bar] Trackpad horizontal scroll doesn’t work (VB-22297)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions] Button sorting broken when toggling hidden extensions (VB-61826)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions] Hidden extensions use the wrong window color (VB-61456)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Drag and drop failed (VB-47819)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Nickname of search engine not working (VB-40002)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Suggestions not used when search is triggered by clicking triangle button (VB-61903)
  • [Bookmarks] Cutting and pasting a bookmark also pastes into the search or address field (VB-57599)
  • [Bookmarks] Panel editor height resets on restart (VB-61299)
  • [Bookmarks][Windows] Bookmark bar menu reopens when clicking on folder button (VB-61286)
  • [Hue] Not all lamps shown (VB-52654)
  • [Keyboard][Accessibility][New] Add F6/Shift+F6 focus handling: Allows moving focus between a few UI elements and active pages (VB-61108)
  • [Keyboard][Accessibility] Add support for moving keyboard selected tabs with Alt+arrows (VB-61153)
  • [Keyboard][Accessibility] Improve keyboard handling in add webpanel callout (VB-60809)
  • [Keyboard][Accessibility] Improve keyboard handling in Start page (VB-60662)
  • [Linux] Update proprietary media libs from 78.0.3904.70 to 79.0.3945.79
  • [Menus] Add move left and right commands to tab menu (VB-61198)
  • [Menus] Misalignment of items in tile menu popup when in top bar (VB-61110)
  • [Menus] Thin blue line appears next to the menu icon (VB-59950)
  • [Notes] Editor height not stored, blurry camera icon and excessive max-height (VB-61931)
  • [Quick Commands] “about” missing (VB-61936)
  • [Settings] The next stored password is incorrectly displayed when old one is deleted (VB-53519)
  • [Settings] Webpage tab focus doesn’t adhere to Focus Cycling setting (VB-61295)
  • [Speed Dial] Old entries added by user lose thumbnails on upgrade (VB-61408)
  • [Windows] Trash menu reopens when clicking on trash button (VB-61327)
  • [macOS] IMDB videos fail to play on Catalina: Partial fix only (VB-58686)
  • Clone Selected Tabs clones entire tab stack (VB-61839)
  • Link info overlay covered by floating panel (VB-61238)
  • Panel toolbar buttons are misaligned (VB-61212)
  • Window Background Image does not scale correctly (VB-61208)

Zdjęcie główne autorstwa Akiry Hojo