Naprawy awarii i porcja bezpieczeństwa – Vivaldi Snapshot 1719.3

Dzisiejsza wersja testowa zawiera aktualizację Chromium i rozwiązuje trochę awarii.

Pobierz (1719.3)

  • Windows: 64-bit dla Win7 + | 32-bit dla Win7 +
  • macOS: 10.10+
  • Linux: DEB 64-bit (zalecane) | DEB 32-bit
  • Linux: RPM 64-bit (zalecane) | RPM 32-bit
  • Linux: DEB ARM32-bit | DEB ARM64-bit
  • Linux: non-DEB / RPM pomoc ]

    Lista zmian

    • [Address Bar] Context menu is delayed on right click with lots of notes (VB-58379)
    • [Address Bar] Nickname search requires two spaces to show nicknamed icon (VB-55619)
    • [Bookmarks] No „Date added” column/ „Sort by Date Added”: it can be toggled from title row context menu (VB-53043)
    • [Crash] Enabling #enable-force-dark flag crashes: mess with flags at your own risk (VB-59151)
    • [Crash] While looking for plane tickets on various booking sites (VB-57662)
    • [Popup] Title bar is blurred (VB-45975)
    • [Popup] Title overlapped by UI (VB-59276)
    • [New][Quick Commands] Keep text in input field if command not executed: Settings → Quick Commands → Keep Last Entered Value (VB-58811)
    • [Regression] Hang opening a background tab from a pinned tab when action would create a Tab Stack (VB-57575)
    • [Regression] Tab thumbnail doesn’t get updated until you visit/open/close another tab (VB-59669)
    • [Settings] Gesture mapping column can collapse (VB-8008)
    • [Settings][Regression] Date format preview switches to other language (VB-59304)
    • [Speed Dial] No immediate feedback after a link is clicked (VB-58111)
    • [Speed Dial] Unable to open an entry in a new private window using the context menu (VB-59418)
    • [Start page] Focus stolen from beforeunload dialog opener (VB-59225)
    • [Tabs] Unable to clone multiple selected tabs (VB-58497)
    • [Windows][Crash] Symantec Endpoint Protection causes crash (VB-56610)
    • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.94


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