Wsparcie dla Chromebooków – Mobilny Snapshot 1741.3

Są tu ulepszenia, poprawki błędów, wsparcie dla Chromebooków oraz aktualizacja do Chromium 79.

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Lista zmian

  • [New] Vivaldi does not work on Chromebooks (VB-59995)
  • [Regression] After turning off tap-to-search you cannot turn it back on (VB-60056)
  • [Regression] Desktop version checkbox is reset on page refresh (VB-59963)
  • [Regression] ‚Incognito’ for private tabs for English (UK) (VB-58983)
  • [Regression] Using the search widget, search engine icon is not set when changing search engine (VB-59041)
  • [Address field] Use Vivaldi icon as default icon in unfocused search/url field on Start Page (VB-60140)
  • [Bookmarks] Hide separators in bookmarks (VB-59218)
  • [Bookmarks] Speed dial edit folder issue (VB-60429)
  • [Bookmarks] Tapping back should save bookmarks (VB-60619)
  • [Crash] Vivaldi crashes in going to Android 10 settings (VB-60007)
  • [Downloads]”Download site” button is missing (VB-60256)
  • [Downloads] Files go to wrong Download folder on Android 10 (VB-58227)
  • [Downloads] Settings and search buttons appears twice in downloads screen, and search in bottom bar does not work (VB-59208)
  • [Menus] Changed order of copy to note item in context menu (VB-58484)
  • [Notes] Cannot edit notes folder name (VB-60006)
  • [Notes] It is too easy to accidentally not save a new note (VB-60099)
  • [Sync] Empty sync tab (VB-60165)
  • [UI] Vivaldi icon for offline page (VB-60371)
  • Swipe causes selections to be lost (VB-58957)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 79.0.3945.45
  • Updated translations